Posted on: Friday, 19 April 2013

What on EARTH to wear to a concert?

We've all been at that point where your whole wardrobe is thrown around your bedroom as you hopelessly figure out what to wear to a concert or gig, and its tough because there are so many factors that go round your head, because firstly you want to look good for the artist you are seeing if you believe that one will become your husband (I joke...kind of) so here are some of the factors I believe will help you get your perfect concert outfit.


There's no point in following the crowd and wearing something you don't want to wear that makes you uncomfortable, some may wear dresses and skirts, but if you don't like your legs then don't feel like you have to wear them, skinny jeans and other styles of jeans look just as good as someone with their legs out. 

Don't be embarrassed to wear a t-shirt supporting your artist, especially if all your friends do it too, it becomes a memory for all of you, but also shows that you are supporting them (And they are normally super easy to customise so you feel comfortable in them) 

Comfort is a big thing for me at concerts. It gets very hot in there (especially if you get as energetic as me at a concert) so there is no point in wearing painful heels if you are gonna jump about, team your outfit with flats or Converses to make your feet happy :)

And now I'll show you what I wore to the last 2 concerts I went to, which, don't hate me, was Olly Murs and One Direction.

As you can see I wore a gold and black peplum top with black disco pants. I chose it because it seemed like a cute outfit to wear for a party type outing, and if any of you have been to see 1D, its like one crazy party. 

I really love peplum tops because they work well with my body type, making everything look a little more slimmer, but still embracing the curves. Disco pants seemed to be the best option with this because I am not a skirt wearer...AT ALL. And I find disco pants super comfortable, this style would also work with some classic black leggings.

 For shoes, I went for some really cute flats which matched the 'Black and Gold' look I was going for as they had a little gold mustaches at the tops of the feet. (Sadly I couldn't take a picture because my friend has taken them since she loves them so much!) But you can go find them in 'Primark' for £7 I believe. (Don't hold me to that) 

For the top and leggings I got them both from '' which is my main clothes shopping heaven, not only are their clothes super comfortable and a great fit, they are also great prices. Both the top and leggings were £10 and are possibly my favourite buy recently. 

So there you have it, hopefully I helped at least one person think about what to wear to their next concert. 
Have you been to a concert recently? Let me know in the comments!

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