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Glossybox April 2013 Review

So, a couple of days ago my April Glossybox arrived in the post and I got super excited! 
If you don't know what 'Glossybox' is then I'll explain. It's a monthly package filled with 5 beauty items for you to try out and keep, they come in the most gorgeous boxes ever and they are really nice keepsake things. I thought that I might show you what I got in mine this month and tell you all about the products and what my opinion on them is.

 Let's start off with talking about how cute this box is?! It has been designed by Pearl Lowe and the colour and patterns fit the spring month completely.

Now onto the products!

Essie "Where's my chauffeur?" Nail polish

This colour, that Essie call a 'opulent turquoise' is beautiful, it makes my nails stand out but at the same 
time hold a calm style to it. 

I usually have a love/hate relationship with nail polish because of chipping, but I've had this colour on for almost a week and it hasn't chipped, so you can tell that I'm very happy!

The usual price for this nail polish is £7.99 from Boots or Superdrug. The price may be steep, but the quality is brilliant and it shows.

 Nip + Fab Coconut Latte Body Butter

It's as almost Glossybox knew I liked the smell of coffee/lattes,  I was extremely happy with this body butter because my skin felt more alive after applying it. I've tried body butter before (From Body shop) but I never liked them, but Nip + Fab have created a great cream that works and smells it bad that I was tempted to taste some?

A full size body butter costs £9.95 from '

'So Exlixir Purple' Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum

I'm very picky with fragrances, so I was a little iffy when I saw this. But when I tried it I adored the smell, its the exact smell that I would usually go for. The bottle design is cute but its a shame that the sample was so small! I am very tempted to buy a full bottle!

A full size version costs £44 from '
I was expecting a much more expensive price, so this is a big possibly for me to get in full.

Lipcote- Lipstick Sealer

Probably the most unusual and yet super handy products this month. The idea of it helping keep lipstick from smudging and fading away is making me want to wear brighter lipstick from now on, best embrace this for the summer!

Lipcote costs £3.99 at '' a bargain for such a handy item!

Dermalogica- Daily Microfoliant
When I first saw this in the box, I was utterly baffled by it, but once I read the pot it started to make sense. It's a powder that when added with water creates a paste, which you then rub into your face. 
I can safely say that it made my face feel super soft after applying. It sucks that it is such an expensive product because I would love to use it more.

A full size pot costs £40.50 from ''

Overall I think that this month's box had something for everyone in it and I can safely say that I will be looking at majority of these products again. And as I said before, the box is beautiful.
Can't wait for next month's!

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