Posted on: Wednesday, 31 December 2014

10 Albums You Can't Skip!

It's hard to describe in a quick sentence what I'm going to be writing about in this blog post, but there's no doubt that everyone has their favourite album or favourite band. But it's when that album becomes so good that you listen to the whole thing without skipping one song because it's consistently good.

So I thought why not talk about 10 albums that you can't skip!

Tom Odell- Long Way Down

I feel like everyone needs to know who Tom Odell is- his voice is like no other and his album is just, perfection! He was on my list of people to see and luckily I managed to get a good view of him at 'Sziget Festival' and let me tell you, him performing live is not a disappointment. I was in complete awe when I saw him perform at how good his voice was and it is the best when you see an artist truly love what they do, and Tom Odell is a prime example of that.

Tracks to note:
'I Know' is one of my favourites along with 'Can't Pretend' purely for the rough side of it, the song writing is just wonderful throughout the album,

Catfish & the Bottlemen- 'The Balcony'

Probably one of the newest of the list, these guys were constantly on the radio (and still are!) and I really wanted to check them out. Their whole album feels like it should be a movie soundtrack. They reminded me a lot of 'Young the Giant' with a mix of 'Bombay Bicycle Club' They are definetely ones to watch, and considering they sold out their UK tour it proves they are becoming a lot of people's favourites.

Tracks to note:
  'Fallout' and 'Cocoon'

Arcade Fire- The Suburbs

Pretty much any Arcade Fire album could be on this list but 'The Suburbs' really hit one with me, every song fitted well in the album and it all moulded together into a little perfection. I would say that Arcade Fire were probably the band that made me get into that style of music a lot more, and I had this album of repeat for months and you probably will too.

Tracks to note:
 'The Suburbs' and then 'Ready to Start' straight after is total proof that carefully choosing what track goes where makes an album better.

Oh and take a look at the short film 'Scenes from the Suburbs' where the excerpts from the below music video came from, really interesting film.

Two Door Cinema Club- Tourist History/Beacon

I couldn't decide which album I liked the most, but they both came under the 'no skipping' list. Both albums are infectous and just lovely to listen to, I don't think any summer soundtrack could go without this band.

Tracks to note: From 'Tourist History' it's so tricky because I could list pretty much the entire album, but 'What you know' and 'Something good can work' would easily get you sucked into this band's awesomeness.
And from 'Beacon' I would say 'Sun' and 'Sleep Alone' are stand out tracks. I'm super excited to hear more from them soon!

Bastille- Bad Blood

Easily one of my favourite bands, and watching them live is truly amazing. I saw them last October in my hometown and I was pleasantly surprised at how GREAT they were. I always thought they were the type of band to sound amazing on the album, but would be weak live, but I was totally mistaken. I recently saw them at Sziget Festival in Budapest and they were one of my favourite acts of the week and to see thousands of people come out and see them, when a year ago they were performing to about 400 people in my hometown was truly overwhelming.

Tracks of note:
'Flaws' is easily my favourite on the album and honestly was the best part of each gig, they are the type of band to get really into performing and its so lovely to see.

Oh and an extra mention to their cover of No Scrubs with Ella Eyre with a element of the XX called 'No Angels' absolutely amazing, if that doesn't make you love them, I don't know what will.

The Weeknd- Trilogy
This album is so chill it's my go to album if I need to relax or act like I'm cooler than I actually am...ahem.

Tracks of note:
'Twenty Eight' 'Wicked Games' and 'The Birds pt.1' are my favourites. Definitely give this guy a listen, especially if you are more into chill R&B.

The Neighbourhood- I Love You.
Coming across this band on tumblr was a blessing, and when I found out that they would be supporting my faves the 1975 on tour in February I got very excited to see them live considering I had their album on non-stop. They're a mixture of the above The Weeknd and The 1975 and seeing them live is ace.

Tracks of note:
Let's just skip past the song that everyone has heard, but doesn't know the song title shall we? (It's Sweater Weather for everyone who wants to know)

'Afraid' is gritty and obsessive and one of those songs when you truly listen to the lyrics they hit you, they're scarily powerful and watching Jesse sing this live is beautifully overwhelming.

'Female Robbery' is one track that I got into more after seeing it live, the whole album has this grittiness and vulnerability to it, with this edgy leather jacket, black & white sex appeal - how they can get this all into an album I don't know, but they did.

Florence & the Machine - Ceremionals

Everytime I talk about Florence I instantly go 'MY QUEEN!' My favourite female artist for good reason, her voice is amazing, her style makes me envious of her. And her albums are top notch. So you can tell how sad I've been since she's been on  a break for years...years I tell you.
She has just been annouched at 'Sziget Festival' for August 2015 which I will be going to, which made me almost yell in excitement at the office at work, because it gives me a little hope that new music is on the way. (Please?)

Ceremionals is my favourite album of hers, its well put together, has a cinematic feel to it alongside her gorgeous voice throughout the whole album, if that album doesn't make you fall in love with her I don't know what will.

Tracks of note:
'Seven Devils' is something you'd expect on a film soundtrack, it's dark and wonderful.
'Heartlines' is a song that can get you obsessed with Florence because it shows everything she is, her voice, the music, the lyrics, it establishes what she is as an artist, in my opinion - a total queen.

Arctic Monkeys - AM
Now before anyone goes 'Ugh, have you heard their old stuff?! blah blah blah' Yes, I am a longtime fan of the arctics and I am in total favour of their new sound (But I'm not completely against the 'favourite worst nightmare' era) There's something about AM that I just loved and couldn't stop listening to.

Tracks of note:
'Kneesocks' why, I have no idea I just really like it, and 'Why Do You Only Call Me When You're High' is infectious, and the video is just A+

And also, Alex Turner is a babe, just saying.

The Vaccines- What Do You Expect From The Vaccines

The Vaccines are easily my favourite band and probably on the top of my list to see (along with the arctics and Florence) I think they were the band and the album that got me fully into that type of music, and I am forever grateful.

Tracks of Note:
Listening to 'Norgaard' and it going straight into my favourite 'Post Break-up Sex' is so satisfying, I'm honestly obsessed and always will be.

So that is my list, of course it's hard to narrow it down, and I'm sure there will be new albums that come and take over. Let me know what you think? What is your favourite album?

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