Posted on: Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Out with the old...and slightly battered

As many girls are, I'm obsessed...with shoes, and I'm a big lover of Converses due to the style that seems to match anything and are a great comfort addition to a wardrobe.

I've had the same pair for YEARS, like possibly 5 years. I remember getting so excited about getting limited edition styled Converses, and I safely say I worn them out.

Yeah, these were crystal white when I got them, and they are definitely not that colour now! I love these shoes, its the type that you never ever want to get rid of, but a couple of weeks ago I noticed that the fabric was beginning to tear, and I wasn't a big fan of having really wet feet when it rained (And living in England means everyday) So I had to make the difficult decision to buy a new pair!

I'd been eyeing up a pair on Schuh for a while and I finally caved and ordered them, you don't realise the excitement when I unwrapped this box (Big up to Schuh for sending me about 10000 emails letting me know my shoes were on their way or had been delivered) 

So now I present the new pair in my shoe collection!

I went for the worn look (Hahaha irony) version and this colour is so nice and seems to match majority of clothes you can wear. I'm super excited to go out and wear these and get a lot of history out of them, just like I did with the old pair.

Oh, and I'm not getting rid of the old ones, they will be firmly placed in their box in the closet (You'll see me on Hoarders in a couple of years about that)

Anyone else been through the same situation as me? Let me know!
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