Posted on: Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Films you should really take the time to watch.

I'm a huge film freak (Bear in mind that I do media at college so its very normal for me to nerd out with films) and I thought that since I've been terrible at updating this blog I thought I would share some great films that you may not have watched that you really should.

1. Cherrybomb

This film, directed by Lisa Barros D'Sa and Glenn Leyburn is based around 2 boys in Ireland who start falling for a new girl who has moved from London to live with her Dad who runs the sport centre where one of the boys (Played by the awesome Rupert Grint) works. The two boys try to win her affection by doing numerous dares, such as drugs, vandalism, sex and fighting. Although the film seems quite comedic  it quickly takes darker route, showing off all characters insecurities and a very dramatic ending that really asks the question 'would you risk a friendship over a girl?' which, is a very common issue amongst young people. 

It's not an average 'mainstream' film but if you liked the show 'Skins' then you will definitely like this. And another plus is that the two main boys are just ace, of course 'Harry Potter' star Rupert Grint and 'Misfits' and newly upcoming 'The Mortal Instruments' star Robert Sheehan Who I may or may not have a huge crush on which is why I watched this film in the first place, what?   some people may also recognise the girl as Kimberly Nixon who is in British comedy 'Fresh Meat'
Just watch this film...its a great film to watch when you're young.

2. Never Let Me Go

Just a stunning film...I don't think I've been so emotional throughout a whole film until I watched this one. The film, based on the book by  Kazuo Ishiguro which shows the life of 3 children; Kathy, Tommy and Ruth (Played by the flawless Carey Mulligan, gorgeous Andrew Garfield and amazing Keira Knightley) in an alternate universe where they find out that they were created to be organ donors and would die (Or as they are told 'Complete') in their early adulthood. It shows the trials and tribulations of that announcement throughout the 3 characters lives, which a love triangle thrown in as well. This is possibly the most heart-wrenching films I've ever seen and me and my mum were in complete silence for ages once it finished, its one of those films that stick with you for a long time, and has a perfect cast and as I said in the's a stunning film.

3. The Breakfast Club

Oh dear did I choose the most 'Hipster' or very mainstream film now? Yes, yes I did, because its fucking great and it deserves to be well known. A classic teen film that will seriously make you think about your life and your friendships. If you ever feel down, just go and watch this film because although it gets sad, you will have a smile on your face by the end (or you'll still be upset, whoops) It amuses me that the style that they have in this film (The film came out in 1985) is slowly creeping back into today's fashion. Oh and I had a huge crush on Brian...just look at his face! Um, anyway...moving on...

4. Memento

I had to watch this film as part of my media course and the 'Alternative Narrative Structure' or in other words, 'this film will confuse the shit out of you and make you question everything you've just watched'. Directed by Christopher Nolan (One of the greatest directors, he directed The Dark Knight and the ever-confusing Inception) and based on a short story by his brother, shows a man called Leonard, who you learn has a memory problem due to being attacked after finding his wife being murdered, he now cannot create new memories and the last memory he has is his wife dying (or so he thinks) the film shows him trying to hunt down the person who killed his wife, but to remember things he takes numerous Polaroid photos and tattoos. The film starts at the end and keeps going back in sections to the beginning, with some added black and white monologues throughout. 
If you want to watch this film, you NEED to concentrate, its not a film to just casually have in the background, and trust me if you watch it again and again you will see new things you didn't see in the beginning. Just a brilliant mind-paining film.

5. (500) Days of Summer

I'm gonna go ahead and say this probably is my favourite film out of the bunch, and of all time. You expect it to be a typical romance but it takes a very different turn which is so refreshing to watch, you can't help but fall in love with Tom (Played by the amazing Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his hopeless romantic and yet very depressive personality and Summer is played by one of my all-time favourite actresses Zooey Deschanel (And if you didn't watch this and ship them SO HARD then you suck) 
If you have watched this (or will!) then all I can say is the best scene is no doubt the ikea scene...or maybe the plate smashing....has that got you interested? Then go watch it....RIGHT NOW.

So those are just a few of the films I adore, what are your favourite films? Let me know in the comments!
I may do another one of these in a couple of months as some sort of update if any other films become a favourite.
Sian x


  1. This post makes me reeeeeeally want to watch movies! I enjoyed your blog! x

    Feel free to check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other? (: xx

    1. Aw I'm glad! Let me know if you ever watch them what you think! :)
      And of course I'll follow you! You have such a great style! :) xx


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