Posted on: Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Let's go to the beach, beach.

Hello all!
So now that the summer has well and truly started (and christ it's hot in England...well, for British people!) I've been busy going out and I've claimed back my love of taking pictures and I've made a pact in my head to take a lot more this summer! 

So I went on a little trip with my mum to the seaside town of Weymouth which is a seaside town that some may recognise as the 2012 Olympic Sailing area. What I would say about Weymouth is that it's super picturesque, if you take a little wonder away from the usually packed beach and into the town you will come to the really impressive harbours and adorable little squares to go eat and drink. 

Not only that, me and my 'Scared of heights' mother decided to go on the 'Sea life Tower' which gives you a 360' guide up high of the coast...or the Jurassic coast as my old GCSE Geography teacher would want me to say. It is a breathtaking sight and the guides are so upbeat and charming, I would recommend everyone to take a trip up there (I think it was about £9 for adults) even if you're scared of heights my mum really enjoyed it. 

So, if you are thinking of coming down to the South-West, Weymouth is a great place to go, I had so many memories from there as a kid (mostly wasting my pocket money and the arcade games) and its still a great place many years on. 

Keep checking back soon as I'll be putting up my GlossyBox June Box review up! 

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